Cap'n flint was born in the jungles of Venezuela. What is less clear is how he became a pirate under the tutelage of Long John Silver. One thing is certain he quickly adapted to the pirate's way of life aboard a sailing ship.

In 1708 he became captain of the brig "Scallywag" and terrorised the carribean, becoming a rival to Blackbeard.

In 1709 he shot fellow pirate captain William (Billy) Bones over a card game on the island of Cuba.

In 1710 he, with a fleet of five ships, unsuccessfully laid seige to Port Au Prince where he uttered the immortal lines "Sink me! If I ain't between the devil and the deep blue sea!".

The last known sighting of Cap'n Flint was in 1714, outside a brothel in Quentos, Venezuela with the ship's cook "Chop Sooey", where it was alleged he said "my starboard cleats are riven dry, but my mizzen sprogs are in their stays".

Historians have argued ever since as what those words actually meant.

At this point Flint faded from history.